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Asheville Percussion Festival – June 8th through the 10th 2012

EVENT WEBSITE:  www.ashevillepercussionfestival.com

The first annual Asheville Percussion Festival will take place THIS WEEKEND,
June 8th-10th, 2012 at the Creative Technology and Arts Center in Asheville, NC.

Workshop topics for all levels include performing, improvising, and composing taught by world-renowned teachers such as Jamey Haddad (Paul Simon’s percussionist), David Cossin (who tours with STING) and other local and regional teachers. Following the workshops will be concerts for the community on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8pm.

We are excited to share this event with you.

The mission of the Asheville Percussion Festival is to provide a creative environment where percussionists of all traditions gather to explore, create and innovate. World-class percussionists will exchange ideas about performing, improvising and educating.

For the latest schedule and registration information visit www.ashevillepercussionfestival.com



Jamey Haddad is regarded as one of the foremost world and jazz percussionists in the US. For the past nine years Haddad has performed as Paul Simon’s percussionist and played with countless others including Yo Yo Ma and Esperanza Spalding. He teaches at Berklee College of Music and the Oberlin Conservatory. www.jameyhaddadmusic.com

David Cossin can play just about any percussion instrument. A leading specialist and composer in new and experimental music, he preformed this last year with STING on his world tour and currently plays with Steve Reich and Bang on a Can All-Stars.  David is Adjunct Percussion Faculty at the Aaron Copland School of Music at CUNY, Queens College in NY. www.davidcossin.com

River Guerguerian is the Artistic Director of the Festival and is known all over the globe for his unique hybrid set-ups that include frame drums, hand drums and drumsets that can be applied to many styles of music. He plays with Omar Faruk Tekbilek, his world jazz trio Free Planet Radio and is an active touring, recording and teaching artist. www.guerguerian.com

Raquy Danziger is one of the most popular performers, teachers and composers of Middle Eastern Drumming today. Her band Raquy and the Cavemen, a duo with Liron Peled, tours all over the world. She now lives Istanbul and New York. www.raquy.com

Rohan Krishnamurthy is a leading, young musical ambassador of Indian music and percussion.  A specialist in South Indian percussion, Rohan has performed in hundreds of concerts, presented Indian percussion summer camps, workshops, and academic lecture-/ at eminent institutions Rohan founded and directs an Indian percussion ensemble at the Eastman School of Music. Rohan will offer lessons in Indian drumming and vocal percussion techniques.  www.rohanrhythm.com

Jeff Sipe AKA “The Apartment Q-258” has an amazing touch and feel on the drumset. He is well known on the touring circuit and has performed with Trey Anastasio, Bela Fleck, Steve Vai, John Medeski, Joan Osborn and his own group the Aquarium Rescue Unit. www.jeffsipemusic.com

Adama Dembele is a master 33rd generation Djembe player from Ivory Coast, Africa. He has traveled internationally and leads his own group Zansa, and is a frequent guest with afro-surf-rock outfit Toubab Krewe. www.adamadembele.com

Michael Lipsey is an incredible educator and plays everything from Afro-Cuban percussion to Balinese Gamelan. Michael is the founding member of Talujon Percussion and has also performed with the Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society, Steve Reich, Bang on a Can, Tan Dun, New York New Music Ensemble and Riverside Symphony. Michael is a full-time Associate Professor at the Aaron Copland School of Music at CUNY, Queens College. He is the Director of the Percussion Program and New Music Ensemble. www.lipseypercussion.com

Matthew Richmond is an accomplished Jazz Vibraphonist and is well known in the WNC community. He is currently a member of the Asheville Symphony, Stephanie’s Id, and is a Percussion instructor at UNC-Asheville. www.matthewrichmond.net

Christy Clavio a teaching artist and professional musician.  In 2000, Christy began her 14-month residency in Zimbabwe, where she lived with a family of traditional musicians. Over the past decade, she has studied and performed with many accomplished Zimbabwean musicians, and participated in African music events in the United States and Europe. She currently performs solo and with Chikomo Marimba, Asheville Mbira Ensemble, and Zabumba Samba Band.

Kimathi Moore is an experimental electronic artist and percussionist by trade, Kima’s music is strongly inspired by paintings (Impressionism, Surrealism, Magic Realism), mixed media art and themes from his childhood days. Within Kima’s music there are countless influences ranging from Free Jazz, Modern Classical, West / East African music, Asian and experimental electronic music. The overarching theme in his music deals with exploring new frontiers with sound – for that reason he considers his work to be more akin to sound “paintings”. http://soundcloud.com/kima
Adam Maalouf is an active percussionist in a variety of musical settings including jazz, classical and World music. Adam composes for and performs with his world/jazz ensemble Pallavi. He is percussionist for the Gil Evans Ensemble and plays Michigan Arabic Orchestra. Adam will direct the Eastman Hand Drumming Ensemble beginning Fall 2012.  Adam has given performances and workshops that span the drumming styles of Africa, the Middle East, India, and drumset.   www.maaloufpercussion.com

Jacquelyn Dobrinska is an accomplished yoga therapists, wellness coach and minister – facilitating classes and workshops both locally and at national yoga & wellness retreats, conferences and festivals. She is a long-time student of Rod Stryker and the Himalayan Institute; co-founder of the Greater Asheville Yoga Association and a published writer on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Currently, Jackie coaches privately and teaches at the Integrative Health department of Mission Hospital, Warren Wilson College and AB Technical College (where she has been nominated twice for Con-Ed Teacher of the Year). www.TheAlchemyofTransformation.com
Concert Schedule
Friday, June 8th, 8:00pm
Friday night concert will include performances from the teachers and local talent from Brazilian troupe Zabumba,
as well as Jazz and Middle Eastern music.
Saturday June 9th, 8:00pm
Saturday night will feature a ‘Masters Concert’ with the collaborative efforts from all the teachers. They will create new and innovative percussion pieces through an Artist Retreat that will take place the week before.

Festival Menu

Dinner: Homemade Bolognese sauce made with fresh spices, organic Fettuccini and Romano cheese. Served with Arugula salad and basil bell pepper vinaigrette and garlic bread.  A vegetarian sauce made with fresh spring veggies is optional.

Continental breakfast: Scramble eggs (Local), fresh fruit, bagels with cream cheese and jam. Choice of bacon or sausage, fresh orange juice, Colombian coffee or hot tea.
Lunch: tomato gazpacho and a grilled chicken Cesar salad made with local Romaine lettuce, Roma tomatoes, fresh croutons and Parmesan/Romano cheese.
Vegetarian salad: Mandarin orange toasted almonds, crispy tofu on a bed of mix greens with a ginger vinaigrette.
Dinner: Traditional Saffron Spanish paella made with fresh ingredients (vegetables, Spanish chorizo, chicken and shrimp). Vegetarian paella option available.

Breakfast: quiche or traditional potato omelet, homemade grits, fresh fruit and bagels or Croissants. Fresh orange juice, Colombian coffee or hot tea.
Lunch: Slow roasted pork burritos served with fresh guacamole, sweet plantains; chips and pico de gallo.
Veggie burritos with fresh local veggies available.

Soft drinks will be provided


Schedule of Events

Friday June 8
1:00-2:30 pm
Registration; Meet & Greet
2:30-3:00 pm
Welcome & Info Meeting

3:00-4:00 pm
Room A: Raquy Danziger – Introduction to Doumbek
Room B: Michael Lipsey – Introduction to Conga
4:00-5:00 pm
Room A: Rohan Krishnamurthy – Introduction to Indian Percussion(Split Hand)
Room B: Michael Lipsey and David Cossin Afro Cuban Percussion
5:00-6:00 pm
Room A: Jamey Haddad – Jamey’s approach to Hand Drumming
Room B: Jeff Sipe – Stick & Brush Technique
6:00-6:30 pm
Room A: Zabumba Brazilian Troupe- Samba School (learn a groove for evening’s concert)
6:30-7:15 pm Cafeteria: Dinner
6:30-7:30 pm Sound
8:00 pm – Concert

Saturday June 9
7:30-8:30 am
Room A: Jacquelyn Dobrinska – Yoga for Drummers & Sound Immersion; featuring Gongs & Singing Bowls by River and friends (bring yoga mat)
8:00-9:00 am Cafeteria: Breakfast

9:00-10:30 am
Room A: Rohan Krishnamurthy – Techniques & Approaches in Indian Percussion
Room B: Christy Clavio – Mbira; Traditional Shona style
10:30 am-12:00 pm
Room A: River Guerguerian – Frame Drum Techniques (handheld, lap style, Riq)
Room B: Adam Maalouf – Children’s Drum Workshop
12:00-1:00 pm Cafeteria: Lunch

1:00-2:30 pm
Room A: Raquy Danziger – Advanced Doumbek Techniques
Room B: Kima Moore – Drum Programming & Sampling using Ableton Live, Reason
2:30-4:00 pm
Room A: Jeff Sipe – Stylistic approaches on Drum set
Room B: Adama Dembele  – Introduction to Djembe and West African Drumming
4:00-5:30 pm
Room A: Jamey/River/David/Jeff – Performance Techniques for Modern Percussionists (featuring members of Free Planet Radio)
4:00-6:00 pm
Room B: Collaboration (lesson) opportunities
6:00-7:00 pm Cafeteria: Dinner
6:30-7:30 pm Soundcheck
8:00 pm-Concert

Sunday June 10
8:00-9:00 am
Room A: Jacquelyn Dobrinska – Yoga for Drummers & Sound Immersion; featuring Gongs & Singing Bowls by River and friends (bring yoga mat)
8:30-9:30 am Cafeteria: Breakfast

9:30-11:00 am
Room A: Matthew Richmond – “Vibes – Not Just For Jazz”
Room B: Michael Lipsey – Bata Drumming
11:00 am-12:30 pm
Room A: Jamey/Raquy/River – Middle Eastern Rhythms & Ensemble playing
Room B: collaboration opportunity
12:30-1:30 pm Cafeteria: Lunch

1:30-3:00 pm
Room A: David Cossin – Re-interpreting the music of Steve Reich
Room B: Adam Maalouf – From Hands to Sticks (cross cultural rhythmic concepts)
3:00-4:30 pm
Room A: Jamey/River/David – Improvising, Composing, and microphone techniques using hybrid set-ups.
Room B: Adama Dembele – Advanced West African Drumming 3:00-5:00 pm Room B: Collaboration (lesson) opportunity
4:30-5:00 Group Finale

Pulse: A Journey through Light, Rhythm & Movement

Saturday Dec. 3rd

Pre-show Light Lab 6pm
Main Event 7pm

On December 3rd, The Creative Technology & Arts Center (CTAC) in Asheville’s Montford neighborhood, will host “Pulse: A Journey through Light, Rhythm & Movement”.  This event will explore new worlds of creativity, through the overlapping rhythms of light, sound, dance & performance.  This all-ages event will have something for everyone, including a “Light lab” for kids both before & during the main event. In the performance space, the sonic environment will be transformed into a shifting landscape where the musicians will “surround” the audience with water percussion, strings, didgeridoo’s and a variety of electronics.  The dreamer will be

led through a pulsing cycle of performance, sound, movement, imagery & story.

Sound:  River Guerguerian, Chris Rosser, John Vorus, Kima Moore
Light:  Gene Felice, Chad Adair
Performance:  Julie Becton Gillum, Sara Baird
Dance:  Kathleen Hahn
Light Lab:  Chynna Avery
Story Weaver:  David Novak

$10 per person
$20 per family

To RSVP for the event & for ticketing please email:  rsvp@ctacenter.org

Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band

May 7

Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band!

Event at CTAC at the Odyssey School

Date: May 07, 2011
Time: 7:30pm – 10:00pm
Price: $20.00
Spaces Available: Unlimited

The West Asheville Yoga Center is very excited to welcome back to Asheville Sean Johnson and The Wild Lotus Band to celebrate the Divine through great music. The band has been working on a new CD as well as traveling around the country and Europe. They are now recognized as a top modern kirtan band, becoming main figures at major yoga and sacred music festivals worldwide. Due to their rising popularity we are needing to have a larger space for the event so there will be plenty of room to dance! So join us on May 7th at CTAC, the Creative Technology and Arts Center, located within the Odyssey school at 90 Zillicoa St. in Montford.

Here’s what’s being said about Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band: “Sean Johnson and The Wild Lotus Band’s music will ignite the world…a hybrid of East and West that will bring joy to your heart and get your body boogieing.” – Yoga Chicago
See www.seanjohnsonmusic.com.

Pan Hamonia Spring Festival 2011

May 22

Pan Hamonia Spring Festival

Week 1: Tapas de Música · flute, viola de gamba, harpsichord and percussion
Music of Manuel De Falla, Marin Maris, William Byrd, Diego Ortiz and Lou Harrison
Kate Steinbeck, flute · Gail Ann Schroeder, viola de gamba · Barbara Weiss, harpsichord · River Guerguerian, percussion

Sunday, May 22, 2 PM: FREE Flute & percussion Workshop with River and Kate, Odyssey Creative Tech & Arts Center, 90 Zillicoa Street, Asheville
Sunday, May 22, 4 PM:
CONCERT Odyssey Creative Tech & Arts Center, 90 Zillicoa Street, Asheville
Sunday, May 22, 5:30 PM
: Community Potluck* Odyssey Creative Tech & Arts Center, 90 Zillicoa Street, Asheville //*Bring a dish to share and receive $5 discount to concert admission/1 discount per family

TICKETS $15 / 2 for $25 in advance; $18 / 2 for $30 at the door  / Students FREE
Buy tickets at www.pan-harmonia.org or at the door. Limited seating!

Pan Harmonia • Kate Steinbeck Artistic director
PO Box 18342 • Asheville, NC 28814
828-254-7123 • www.pan-harmonia.orgoffice@pan-harmonia.org

Odyssey Salon: Thursday, Nov. 4th

You are invited to the first CTAC Salon Thursday, November 4th at 7 PM, at the Odyssey Community School Café, 90 Zillicoa Street, Asheville, NC


Free Admission!

The CTAC Salon, building a community of creative people & interesting ideas presents:

7:00 PM         Gerald Trinball: playing the Viola da Gamba and the Persian Kamancheh.

7:30 PM         David Mcconville presenting:  “Visualizing Worldviews: Towards and Ecological Cosmology”

8:15 PM         Light refreshment and dialogue

David is Director at Buckminster Fuller Institute, PhD Researcher at University of Plymouth, Co-Founder and Director of Noospheric Research at The Elumenati.


“Make Your Mark” 10-2-10 Fundraiser Art Project & Concert

Make Your Mark!

The new Creative Technology & Arts Center opens with a fundraiser art project & concert

Who: Creative Technology & Arts Center
What: “Make Your Mark!” Fundraiser Art Project
Admission: $15 per ticket, books of 10 are available in advance for $100 and 50 for $500
Tickets available in the main office of the Odyssey Community School or ORDER ONLINE HERE!
or at Harvest Records & Malaprops Bookstore!
When: Saturday, October 2

  • 4:00 – Rhythm Workshop
  • 4:45 – Technology Workshop
  • 5:30 – Vocal Workshop
  • 6:30 – Reception
  • 7:00 – Guest Speaker: Laurey Masterton
  • 7:30 – Concert

Where: Odyssey Community School, 90 Zillicoa Street, Asheville, NC
Why: To celebrate the creation of a new creative arts center for Asheville and to raise money for the next phase of the project.

The new multi-disciplinary community art center has built its foundation and is hosting the first event in a series of programs on October 2.  The event “Make your Mark!”  starts with three workshops and culminates in a concert by local favorites Kat Williams, Billy Cardine, Chris Rosser and River Guerguerian.

The center began retrofitting the 4500-square foot facility after a successful fundraising event earlier this spring.  With the “barn-raising” stage implemented, the center now wants to showcase what has been done and what is to come.
Make Your Mark offers a sampling of what the future of the center holds.

Starting at 4:00 River Guerguerian, CTAC Music Director, will teach a rhythm workshop, followed by a multi-media workshop presented by Gene Felice, Director of the Art & Technology programs, and a vocal workshop led by Kat Williams. At 7:00 Laurey Masterton, the guest speaker and a passionate new beekeeper, will make a presentation on both locally and non-locally produced honey and foods that would not exist without honey bees. Laurey is the proprietor of Laurey’s Catering on Biltmore Avenue, and has been both speaking and teaching about bees and honey for a number of years, most recently at TEDxAsheville. Laurey is the spokesperson for The National Honey Board and is actively involved locally with Michelle Obama’s initiative, “Chefs Move to Schools.”

The concert begins at 7:30, bringing together some of Asheville’s favorite artists including Kat Williams, Billy Cardine (formerly of the Biscuit Burners), Chris Rosser, Zach Page and River Guerguerian. Tim Arem, a former Ronald McDonald, will MC the event.

“Make Your Mark!” is part art project, and also part fundraiser,” says Gene Felice. “We need your help to take CTAC to the next level of development. We’re asking the community to literally make their mark by sponsoring a student-made ceramic tile with their thumbprint screen-printed onto its surface.  The tiles will be arranged into a large, ceramic wall mural in the main entrance of CTAC, dedicated to the people and spirit that made it happen.”
The event will also include a silent auction with opportunities to bid on massages, dinners and other great items from local artists.

The Creative Technology & Arts Center (CTAC) is a community hub for innovation. It welcomes artists, technologists and designers as they pursue projects that inspire and ignite transformative action. It will host a diverse visiting artists program, community afterschool classes, adult evening classes, lecture series, special events, and more for Montford and the greater Asheville area.

For more information about Odyssey Community School: www.odysseycommunity.org or call (828) 259-3653

For more information on River go to: www.ShareTheDrum.com